I call Malliny the art of femininity. I see my mother and designer of Malliny, Lilia Bezer as a master of elegance. I’m endlessly inspired by her ideas. I feel so lucky to be her daughter and to experience the beauty she generates, as a designer and as a woman too. During those 10 years when I dedicated my life to ballroom and latin dances, she dedicated her imaginative mind and soul to create the most beautiful dresses for me. Dresses that I was proudly wearing at championships all around the globe. Her designs were memorable and breathtaking.

Now she has transformed her passion into reality. Refinement, exclusivity and delicacy is what defines Malliny. Her works give shape to women’s bodies and accentuate their silhouette.
People always ask where she finds her inspiration. I think her muse lives right within herself. She is inspired by her own creations.
My mother’s designs are what dreams are made of. With the help of her hardworking team of professional tailors, in a small tailor shop in the center of Chisinau, day by day she makes women’s dreams come true.
                               Wearing Malliny is like falling in love. I claim myself a victim of this love forever.

Marinela Bezer