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The 7 Rules of Fashion Industry // Arab Fashion Week

     Today’s post contains a few rules which I personally designed, from my own experience as a brand manager at Malliny. You probably already know that I recently came back from Dubai where my mother has presented her new collection at Arab Fashion Week. I decided that instead of telling you about my trip, I would bring you something useful, something you can put into practice if you want to be successful in the fashion world.

Rule No. 1

Go down the fashion path only if you have your own style, something unique and tasteful, or else you will lose a lot of time and money.Continue reading

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Where Dreams and Reality Collide

Somewhere in the middle of the Indian Ocean, a small piece of the original land on which Adam and Eve loved each other still exists. Away from civilization, enveloped in total silence, the Maldives islands are the perfect destination for those who want to meditate and to spend time with themselves. However, there are more things to do here than just sit around in the sun. Despite the fact that the Maldives are a romantic, relaxing and passive destination, there are still lots of fun things to do that are at the same time productive as well. I am not a fan of all-inclusive and monotonous vacations where you feel like you are tied to the hotel and all days give you a déjà vu feeling.

Continue reading

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Heatless Beach Hair Waves

Hi my loves ❤

Here is a short tutorial about how to easily get beach hair waves without heat. I feel like this hairstyle gives a wild hint and an effortless look to any daily outfit. I prefer to do it when I want to take candid photos on the beach.Continue reading