Hi my loves ❤

Here is a short tutorial about how to easily get beach hair waves without heat. I feel like this hairstyle gives a wild hint and an effortless look to any daily outfit. I prefer to do it when I want to take candid photos on the beach.

So, first, wash your hair 2-3 hours before sleep.
Leave it dry naturally. In this way you will take a brake from the dryer and protect your hair from being damaged.
Then, plait 3 braids. If you want, you can plait even 5, but make sure one of them is in the center, because it will give your hair more volume. Go to sleep. In the mornig just take off the hair bands and go through your hair with your hands (do not use the brush).
Use some hair spray to fix it and you are ready to conquer the seas!!!

Hope you’re having a nice week.
Hugs and kisses.❤

Marinela Bezer