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The 7 Rules of Fashion Industry // Arab Fashion Week

     Today’s post contains a few rules which I personally designed, from my own experience as a brand manager at Malliny. You probably already know that I recently came back from Dubai where my mother has presented her new collection at Arab Fashion Week. I decided that instead of telling you about my trip, I would bring you something useful, something you can put into practice if you want to be successful in the fashion world.

Rule No. 1

Go down the fashion path only if you have your own style, something unique and tasteful, or else you will lose a lot of time and money.Continue reading

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Aim higher!

Hi my loves, 

As you already know, I am a Marketing and Advertising student. During this year I often came across an example of a banned advert that was posted in subway stations. The poster advertised weight loss pills and contained an image with a slender girl wearing a bikini. People have signed a petition demanding the advert to be removed for the sole reason that it intimidated, even offended women that don’t have the same body. Of course I could not overlook this situation.

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A Parallel Universe

Hi my loves

I adore weekend mornings, especially when I’m woken up at 12pm by the sun breaking through my curtains. I took these pictures when I was home, in Moldova during the week off from uni. Since I moved to London, I get to see my room less often, and this makes it appear more beautiful and comfortable to me. So, I decided to take some pink, girly pictures in my bed, similar to those you see famous bloggers posting on instagram.😄

Today I was inspired to talk on an interesting subject and this post is the most suitable for this topic. 

Recently I was talking to my best friend, telling her some dreams that were on my mind for a long time. After a long discussion, I made some conclusions that I want to share with you.

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